Perception vs Reality when putting

When I often ask my players whom I coach putting:  
“How did you putt/roll it today”❓ After any given tournament round.

Often a response I am hearing is something like this: “I didn’t make any putts from over 10ft all day”😢Or “I made hardly anything from 20f”🙁 Or “I only made one putt over 12ft today”👎
So their perception of themselves is low as a putter because they didn’t make many or any putts from a distance they perceive they should.

Then I proceed to show/tell them some stats of what the PGA Tour “make” average is for these distances, Or even better, I’ll ask them how many out of ten do you think pgatour players on average make from a particular distance. The answers they give me are always higher than the actual %. When I tell them the tour make average from
9ft is below 50% at 47%
From 15-25ft make % is approx 15%
(2015 stats Pgatour stats)
This is their reaction 😳😱

So next time you are not making many putts, have a think about these stats from the best in the world to help ease your mind about what is actually achievable for your level of play.

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